UNDER-HOLE NUT(R) No-Screw Nut,Patent registered

No release! No-leakage! Perfect sealing!

Elastic deformation

Entwisting and releasing over and over by the elastic deformation!

compare UNDER-HOLE NUT with conventional one

Air and liquid can leak through the clearance between the bolt screw.However,UNDER-HOLE NUT is flexibly fixed and there is no clearance, so...

No release! No-leakage! Perfect sealing!
  1. UNDER-HOLE NUT dose not have the screw ditch.
  2. While driving the bolt,the ditch appears on the nut by the elastic deformation.
  3. UNDER-HOLE NUT is fitted to the screw of the bolt,and tightly fitted.


  • No release of the nuts as tightly fixed by elastic deformation.
  • No corrosion. No conductivity. No magnetization.
  • Able to be fixed by pressing method.
  • High sealing effect for air,liquid,and dust.
  • Good under IP67 regulation.
  • No damages/scratches to opponent surfaces.
  • Able to be fixed in the middle of bolts.


  • Air cleaners,Air conditioners
  • Automobiles
  • Appliances
  • Medical instruments
  • Furniture
  • Ships/Vessels
  • Rockets
in the lavatories

Fastening the washstands in the lavatories

fixing the sir filter covers on automobiles

Fixing the air filter covers on automobiles


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